Sabtu, 13 Juni 2009

iseng hahaha

hey kawan udah lama nih gak posting lagi hahaha gua lagi iseng iseng tadi biikin lirik gitu gak jelas abis -.- jadi ceritanya tentang 2 cowo yang lagi ngehadapin masa "anak - anaknya" biar bisa jadi lebih dewasa hahaha iseng aja nih gua bikin ginian.okelah ini liriknya semoga kalian yang baca ini bisa suka


how about you and me step outside?
to talk about how amazing you are
to track me down like this

look,i know don't have to trust me
and i'm not saying that you should

in case you are in a great crackin' danger
these words may help you to survive

we're just boys,remember?
don't even try to do something useless
we are growing up,at least hear me out (hear me out)

you asked me to tell something that you don't know
but it's not as simple as telling you
(where the right button is on a dashboard (of a new car!) )
we must consider how you've looked at our journey

who and what we are bridges
the gap between boys and men
but we are the first one who have this atmosphere

there many things that go back in to the town
their presence remains with us almost like a race memory

the memory that one ( that once! )
when the world was new ( was new! )
great forces walked the earth
forces that brigded the gap between boys and men

we tell stories , put on our masks
build jokes and laugh about it together

lets finish these craps to go straight ahead
to recreate the truth , for a greater understanding
(of the world around us)

Rabu, 20 Mei 2009

First E.P

ya teman teman,doain kita yaa kita mau e.p nih insya allah agustus udah selesai hehehe amiiiiin.kita udah nge rekam 3 lagu buat e.p ini yaitu: the final answer is break up,something that i wrote for you sama forgive me dear tapi 3 lagu lama ini kita record ulang dan mungkin jauh berbeda dari yang sebelumnya hehe,jadi tugas kita tinggal record intro,sama lagu baru kita jalani hidup ini.mudah mudahan e.p nya jadi dan kalian semua suka dengan musik baru kami.buat sekedar informasi aja ini nih track listnya(belom fix yaa hehehe):

1. We are Just Six Ordinary kids (intro)
2. The Final Answer Is Break Up
3. Jalani Hidup Ini
4. Something That i Wrote For You
5. Forgive Me Dear

saling support ya kawan!


I always ask for your apologize
but why are you doing that to me?
i say sorry so please forgive me dear
do i have to cry to get apologize?
why is that so hard to get apologize? 2x
now im still waiting until you forgive me 2x
i hope you can forgive me dear

I wanna say sorry for you
i don't know i hurted you like before
i say sorry for you

i'm sorry i did that
i dont know i hurted you like before
i say sorry for you

i looked at you and you're smilling at me
i will take you to the highest sky
day by day i walk from south to north
i walked that far to get apologize


This is some love letters
love letters that you haven't known
this is for you

or do i have to erase these letters?
so please tell me what am i supposed to do

what am i supposed to do?
i just can count one until two
why do you make me like this ?
why do you make me confused?
may i let you to listen here
something that i wrote for you

That day i created this song for you
and i wanna sing it for you
so please hear something that i wrote for you

you are my inspiration
you are my inovation
so please don't give me that negotiation


yaa sebelumnya kita mau ngasih tau nih kalo lagu "her" mau kita ubah judulnya karena terlalu simple dan polos,kita ganti jadi "THE FINAL ANSWER IS BREAK UP" oh iya,doain juga yaa kita mau release E.P juga nih teman teman hehehe dan tema juga berjudulkan "THE FINAL ANSWER IS BREAK UP" oke langsung aja ini liriknya.


it's alright you leave me
but you have to tell me
please tell me about the reason you leave me

i will come to your home
i will come to ask you
i will ask you about the reason you leave me

do something bother you?
do something disturb you?
oh girl please tell me the reason you leave me

i can't forget your eyes
i can't forget your face
please don't leave me alone in here

please don't leave me
please don't leave me alone
just because i am still want in your side